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Art Classes. Journals. Artwork.

My passion is to help people find their JOY and to BE it, LOVE it and SPREAD it. 

5 years ago I began a journey using my passion for people and art.   I found a love for combining my artistic skills with teaching and inspiring positivity.  I encouraged people to have INFLATED JOY! Over these years I have learned that the core of my heart lies in the JOY that occurs with IN us!  This is the type of joy that I want to celebrate, foster and encourage.  I created In Joy, LLC so that I can help kids of all ages to be confident, happy individuals with strong communication skills. I use art as a tool to help convey confidence and strength while accepting the range of emotions and trials of life.  

Urban Dictionary definition: "INJOY is stronger then enjoy. For injoy is more of joy filling you from inside of yourself."


In Joy, LLC. offers private art lessons for students ages 6-18 and positive creative workshops.  Lessons and workshops include positivity, self awareness and imagination.  The consistent thread among all INJOY classes are the words "I AM". I personally believe what you say after "I AM" is true for you. I use this as a foundation for all lessons. This foundation spreads to other important resilient lessons including mindfulness, self awareness, kindness, mental wellness, self care and growth mindset.  Art is such a wonderful way to build character, communicate and celebrate individuality.  It is a universal language that breaks down boundaries and allows a special bond between my audience and me.  INJOY lessons encourage a creative process and to avoid "perfection". 

In 2016 the "YOU ARE AMAZING, A Journal for YOU" was published. This journal was created from my heart. It includes 72 interactive pages full of positivity, prompts, inspiration and more! It's truly a journal of self exploration, encouragement and JOY.


Amy Johnson, founder of The Noticed Network, and I have joined forces to create I AM NOTICED. Amy is a speaker, Certified Coach & Self-Talk Trainer. Her goal is to help people Notice the goodness in themselves and others. I AM NOTICED combines INJOY's "I AM" art lessons with the powerful messages of worthiness and being Noticed.  I AM Noticed programming has impacted non-profits, camps and school cultures.  We love collaborating and share so many magical moments with the people who experience I AM Noticed.  To learn more please visit IAMNoticed.org.

Connect with me on social to stay up date with classes and new products. Email me directly at jaimelyon@in-joy.net or click below to signup for my email list.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey. I hope our paths cross if they haven't already! 



Jaime Lyon, Member of In Joy, LLC.


How will you practice JOY? 




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I AM...

A Wife
I love my sweet and hard working husband Chad Lyon. Doesn't get much better than him.
A Mom
I am loving motherhood! These two bring me such perspective and joy every day. I wish I could put them in my pocket wherever I go-forever and forever!
A Daughter
I have an amazing and supportive family. I wouldn't be who I am without them. I love you all.
A Friend
I love my friends so very much. I have so many wonderful people in my life. Wish I could show all of your pics here. You know who you are! Thanks for loving me as I do you.
An Artist
My style is whimsical and bold with pops of color. I enjoy painting on ornate antique frames or mirrors. This gives my work a unique touch.
A Teacher
I AM a teacher who loves to explore each individual's creativity. I celebrate this uniqueness while we have fun!
A Fan
Sports are a great way for my family to bond. It encourages hard work, dedication, exercise and a lot of fun!
An Animal Lover
I'm obsessed with my dogs and yours too. I love all creatures.
A Goof Ball
Ok-Im a little silly sometimes. I can't apologize for the crazy!
Feels so good to be NOTICED. Thank you Amy Johnson for introducing this concept to me. It has changed my life. I am worthy and ENOUGH. :) Click here to be learn more about The Noticed Network.
A Volunteer
I volunteer for several groups. One very near and dear to my heart is Camp Encourage. It is a camp for children and teens on the autism spectrum. Click here to learn how you can get involved.
This picture really sums me up. I'm wearing my MIND over MATTER t-shirt while LOUDLY encouraging my daughter to swim hard. Yep-passionate for my kids, passionate about life-that is me. That is who I AM!
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A Volunteer

I volunteer for several groups. One very near and dear to my heart is Camp Encourage. It is a camp for children and teens on the autism spectrum. Click here to learn how you can get involved.

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