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Private Art Lessons

I would love to work with your child from ages ranging 6 to 18.  I'll discover your child's interest and encourage the creative process as I build them up! This experience will be unique to each participant.


My goal with each private lesson is to enhance their artistic interests while building confidence, character and individuality. As Inflated Joy expands my students' art work will be showcased at a local venue where families and friends can experience their creativity! 

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YOU are AMAZING A Journal for YOU

I'm so excited to offer this art journal/coloring book. I love it with all my heart. It's a journal that inspires, encourages creativity and builds you up.  It's a compliment to all that I teach and adore.


We can make special arrangments to adapt this journal to any large group, summer camp or class. Or it's a wonderful gift for yourself, your child or anyone!

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Positive Creative Workshops

Workshops combine the creation of a self portrait with adjectives that follow "I AM". Instructions for the self portrait, guidance, inspiration and materials are provided. 


Every "I AM" is unique. This class is wonderful for small groups and team building. 

**Ongoing art and/or team building workshops available**


If you want to add an extra special element we'll bring in The Noticed Network for an I AM NOTICED workshop. I AM Noticed adds even more positivity to this experience. 

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Amy Johnson, founder of The Noticed Network, and I have joined forces to create I AM NOTICED. Amy is a speaker, Certified Coach & Self-Talk Trainer. Her goal is to help people Notice the goodness in themselves and others. I AM NOTICED combines Inflated Joy's "I AM" art lessons with the powerful messages of worthiness and being Noticed by The Noticed Network. I AM Noticed programming has impacted non-profits, camps and school cultures.  We love collaborating and share so many magical moments with the people who experience I AM Noticed.

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